Who will come to my memorial service?

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What would your epitaph say?

That’s one of those questions helping us to see our priorities more clearly in life.

Here’s a different question.

Who will come to my memorial service?

I got a text message from my client who is also a dear friend.
Her father passed away suddenly.
She wanted me to take photos at the memorial service.

There were a few hundred people.
It wasn’t anything like a ‘friends of the family
attending out of obligation’ sort of gathering.
There were so many who were not immediate family members
yet shared stories of this beloved man.

It was clear that he valued relationships and kindness.
He lived according to his values.
If being successful is about living according to your values,
by that measure he was a very successful man.

You might be busy working hard and trying to be successful.
Perhaps, a simpler way to look at your success might be:

What are you choosing to do today that are based on your values?

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