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Who is building trust

Who is building trust for your business?

I often get queries about business options and services.

One of the messages I received reads:

“I do understand the importance of people seeing us on the website & relating to us as that’s our shop and the services we provide are personal so people need to build trust to allow me to help them”

I like the sentiment, but let’s look for a moment at the focus.

The operative words are:
People need to build trust

As business owners, we intuitively understand that we cannot run a ‘faceless’ business.
What is a faceless business? Rather than giving you a definition, let me give you a list of examples:

  • Unilever
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Procter & Gamble

These companies have thousands of brands and spend millions, if not billions, on advertising for their brands. They are faceless companies. We don’t immediately associate an ‘owner’ or ‘leader’ with the business. They get away with it precisely because they can effectively hide behind their brand recognition and advertising.

People like us do not run businesses like those. Our work is personal because we have personal reasons why we do what we do.

Who, then, is responsible for building trust so that our ideal clients can work with us? We cannot leave that monumental task to others.

It’s up to us to build and shape the kind of trust we want to gain from our future clients.
What is stopping you building trust for your clients?

You owe it to yourself and for those whom you seek to serve to show up and build trust your way.

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