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What is real?

What is real anyway?

What I think or believe and what you believe may not be the same.
That doesn’t mean I’d say you are wrong.

For example, my team and I were photographing a gorgeous client yesterday.
In one of the photos that we showed her on my camera screen, she said:

I hate that face. My lips look funny.

My team and I couldn’t see ‘that face’ (a particular expression that she doesn’t like) but she did. Nobody is wrong here. We simply have different perceptions.

Sometimes, a client wants to lose stacks of weight before the photoshoot, only to realise that we can make her look like she went down a couple of sizes just by posing and positioning her clothes differently.

People often think clients in my photos are all tall. Not true.

And what you probably don’t even think about is this. Almost all of my clients didn’t enjoy being photographed, or the idea of being photographed, before their photoshoot with me. They changed that perception afterwards because by then they realise anyone can look absolutely fantastic with help from a team of experts.

As much as you’d like to believe you’re ___________ (fill in the blank with anything you’d say about yourself), that is simply your version of reality.

The operative words being ‘your version’.

The aspirational you, that you currently do not see, is right there hidden from your perception.

Discovering the best version of yourself isn’t all that hard once you start to relax a little about what can be real.

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