Wedding in Swan Valley

I often tell myself I shouldn’t shoot any more weddings. Not because I have any esoteric reasons (some photographers I know really hates doing weddings) but because it’s simply very physically demanding. The last wedding I did was in March in Swan Valley. It was a utterly gruelling experience – 11 hours of non-stop shooting. Subsequently, I was bed ridden for more than a few days. Despite all that, the images were processed and delivered within four weeks as promised. I loved shooting, processing wedding photos and getting them delivered. I still remember how hard it was physically. Guess what I’m doing again tomorrow? Shooting another wedding in Joondalup. Interestingly, I’ve been rather looking forward to this wedding. Probably because the exhaustion from the all day shooting is now a distant memory. Nonetheless, I’m more excited about it after looking through this set of images from Swan Valley in March.

I do have a not-so-secret plan to re-brand my photography business later this year so I wouldn’t be marketing my wedding services heavily  but I’ll continue to enjoy making images for couples. It is in me – love of making beautiful images – and I cannot help it even if I get exhausted at the end. In order to last the long day, I’ll be shooting smart and try not to ‘machine-gun’ (continuous shooting of multi frames) tomorrow. If any luck, I won’t be knocked out again.

Well, another thing I could do is to replace my really heavy zoom lens with a lighter prime lens. I brought them up to my ‘finance manager’ and I couldn’t get it approved. It’s not hard to understand when one of those costs nearly $2,000. There is one way to help out if you love me and my work ( ;P). Book me for your wedding and events so that I can get one of those lighter lenses.

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