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I love photo albums. Have you got many? I don’t really have much. My early childhood images are in Seoul and I haven’t actually seen them for over 20 years. 

One album I have with me here in Perth is my wedding album from 1997 (ah yes I married young).  That album was part of some expensive wedding package. It is made with a hefty leather binding, really thick boards covered with formal wedding photos. It is so heavy that I cannot carry with one hand – I dare say it could be heavier than the wine ‘list’ from La Tour D’Argent.  I don’t actually know where it’s stored.. perhaps somewhere in the shed?

I’ve done a number of wedding shoots lately. What I like about weddings is that I get to make wedding albums at the end of the process. Modern albums in the 21st century are not ‘bound’ to the old formula – leather, silver and gold trimmings, massively heavy and expensive materials, something that you can only have one made.  So precious that it can only come out of its case once in a blue moon. Other times it’s stored away (or tragically forgotten in my case).

I don’t like that idea. What I like to do is making something more portable. Say a little smaller than A4 landscape format, nice image wrap or dust jacketed professional linen cover with pro-grade matt stock for printing. That is what I made and gave to my friends from their destination wedding in Thailand. I made an album for them right after the wedding but this is a much better and upgraded version specially put together for their birthdays this month.

It’s great seeing surprised and happy faces when I give albums to people. The kind of album I make is a lovely thing. But it’s not too precious (not something you need to wear gloves to touch). It is something one can leave as a coffee table book. If it gets dirty I can order another one online and get it delivered. Yes, welcome to the new world where a wedding album can mingle with other coffee table books.

If you’d like to see my work in wedding photography head over to my new photo gallery and click the wedding category link.

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