Walk4Water by Aveda & Djurra

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Putting a fashion show together takes a lot of effort and costs a lot of money.  If and when a fashion parade is organised for a charitable cause I know that everyone has ‘chipped’ in to promote a good cause. So when Sheree invited me to a show hosted by Aveda, a brand recognised with commitment to corporate social responsibilities, I couldn’t say no even though it was a very short notice.  I never used Aveda products before but I do know a good brand when I see one.

I only have to take a few steps to get a glass of filtered water straight out of a small drinking water tap. I only have to turn the tap on to take a cold or hot shower anytime I want. We all know that there are people across the globe with no direct access to water – having to walk a long way everyday to get a bucket or a pot of water. Walk4Water is a campaign organised by WaterAid Australian (NGO) in order to help those people in need. This particular parade was an initiative  by Aveda’s Earth Month 2013 and also by Djurra Lifestyle Salon in Fremantle.

Now you know what the event was for so  I can tell you a bit about the show. By the way, whatever happened to the cool change I was expecting? I thought the summer was over. I was totally misled. It was too hot for a fashion parade in a warehouse in Perth City Farm. With just one fan running to cool the crowd, I was getting soaked in sweat even before the start of the show.

I also threw a bit of tantrum to a total stranger when I arrived at the venue complaining that the media (tripods etc) couldn’t be right after the catwalk – it should have a good five to ten meter distance blah blah. It turned out the ‘stranger’ knew me and my work already although I’ve never heard of him. When I found that out I felt so embarrassed. So I could be so nasty and impatient with a stranger but not so to someone who knows me – how strange! I apologised for being such a ‘bitch’ and we got on well for the rest of the show.

What I really liked about the show was a simple make up with variety of funky hair styles. Backstage must have been incredibly hectic considering there were only limited number of models for 7 different sets.


The models.. I have never seen these models before. Presumably the agency which sponsored the event doesn’t have much presence in the Perth runway scene as it’s dominated by Scene, Viviens and Chadwick. Amongst the fresh and amateurish models I noticed one girl who walked like a pro. At any angle she looked great and photogenic. I hope I get to see her in other shows later this year.


The whole production was of high quality despite the modest venue (although perfectly apt for the concept of the show). I felt that the show and the crew deserved a bigger venue and the audience. I really wish – if this was to become an annual outing for our talented local designers and fashionable retailers – the show could be better publicised so that we could have a lot more people getting entertained, educated and they could chip in (by buying tickets for the show) for a great cause.

For a weeknight show (Monday for no less!), it was such as good thing to attend. I would like to thank and congratulate the designers and retailers who participated in the runway.

  • Megan Salmon (Megan Salmon)
  • Sheree Dornan (Love in Tokyo)
  • Fenella Peacock (Nells)
  • Sabrina Wong (Sab five five)
  • Alex & Vera
  • Shop 28
  • Pigeon Hole

And big cheers go to the hair&makeup team, models from Metro models and backstage dressers.

  • Directed by Anita Sutton Galloway
  • Djurra Lifestyle Salon and Spa and Element Aveda Concept salon 
  • Directed by Holly Mudge and Leanne Baxter
  • Djurra Lifestyle Salon and Spa and Element Aveda Concept salon

If you want to see the runway images head over to the Facebook Album or Flickr photo stream or PASS (new service I signed up which will only be available for a year)

I guess you wouldn’t be surprised to see me buying Aveda products or going out to get a treatment at Djurra in Fremantle. It pays to do good things for the humanity.

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