Violet, Purple, or Lavender Colour Fashion Guide

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We had quite a wet day. I haven’t been able to walk with my dog and had to remain at home. Not so good when my GP sent me a letter saying that (after a full blood test) I have vitamin D deficiency. I suppose I just have to stay out in the sun (if and when it does come out again) for a bit.

After posting a yellow guide earlier this week, today I felt like purple (or violet or lavender if you’re more romantically inclined) today. I don’t have anything purple in my wardrobe. I’ll have to look for some (not that there’s any more room!)

Here is a little story on Violet. Enjoy.

In ancient times, the creation of purple dye was an incredibly lengthy, expensive process. Purple garments became a symbol of wealth and nobility, even royalty; and were sought after world-round. Although violet is now far easier to come by, the colour is still associated with its royal roots. A violet-themed engagement outfit exudes playful sophistication and looks great on camera! Small accents of purple, such as scarves and accessories, can also liven up an otherwise muted palette!  

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