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USP – Unique Selling Point – doesn’t work

We know this from our own purchasing behaviours but we still talk about it when it comes to ‘marketing’ our work or helping others to ‘market’.

Computer manufacturers used to boast about the 3Ghz Pentium chipset as one of the USPs for their computers as if we cared deeply and personally about the clock speed of the processor inside the box.

At the same time, Apple took another tack because they understood us a little better.
“How would you like to carry thousands of songs in your pocket?”

Remember those iPods?

The Pentium example is inside out thinking – not much empathy towards users.

It’s the same with your introduction (which is the very first question in the Personal Branding Workbook) and the same principle applies to your positioning and personal branding.

Of course, the first thing is to become self-aware. But ultimately we must look to those whom we seek to serve. What are they really struggling with? How about their hopes and desires?

I’m learning and relearning this each and every day – it’s not about me. It’s about them.

P.S. Did you know that you could see this content in video? Maybe I’m a better writer than a ‘YouTuber’, but I’m doing my best to share my insights with you and to provide some delivery options, too! Feel free to check out the video version here.

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