Typika Claremont Interior Shoot

By May 18, 2013blog, Journal

My alarm went off at 5 am. I opened my eyes and without even a groan I got up to get ready for a 6am shoot in Claremont.  That was quite a feat considering this was Saturday and I can never get up that early during the week. 

The back of my car was loaded with photographic gear. I was out on the drive way at 5:20am. I looked up the sky, stars were shining and the sun wasn’t going to be up for another couple of hours. I drove out looking forward to the day.

How do you wake up in the morning? Do you wake up all happy and look forward to the day’s work? I’m not at all like that usually. It’s always a bit of struggle with the alarm. It would go off at 7 but I could barely crawl out of bed more like at 8. I would then gingerly get ready for my regular eight to nine hour office job.

That Saturday wasn’t one of those. It was a commercial photo shoot day not a day in the office.  It says something about what I should do more with my life.  How about you? Do you have something else you’d rather do?

If you’d like to see the result of that early morning shoot  head over to the Typika gallery.

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