Tranby House in Maylands

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The latest location shoot – Engagement session – took place in Tranby House in Maylands. There were a number of tex messages back and forth regarding the the weather forecast right up to the last minute. It was supposed to rain in the morning and to clear up in the afternoon. That was the prediction a few days prior. Concerns were raised from all parties involved but I suggested just going ahead with the shoot.

I imagined that if Perth weather we know was anything to go by it would rain for 20 minutes and would stop for a bit. That ‘bit’ would be our window of opportunity. Of course, I was also thinking how nice it would be to shoot some puddle, dramatic sky, and something different from the usual blue sky and the some times very harsh sun.

It was a hit and miss with rain and mediocre sunshines all morning. Got a text saying ‘Songy, it’s pouring where we are, do you really want to go ahead?’. My message said ‘Yep. It would be fun if you are okay. I wouldn’t let you get wet so don’t worry’.

We drove out into the rain. It absolutely poured down. As we arrived and greeted the couple, rain eased and I was busy directing the couple and pressing the shutter. How lucky! Mind you, I didn’t find any suitable puddle to shoot.

As I mentioned in my project note, I feel quite lucky to have ¬†come back with nice images from the shoot. The couple was happy so I’m happy. The comments I heard were mainly about the location which didn’t look like somewhere in Perth. ¬†Apparently, It looked more like a place in Europe according to some.

This would be a great spot for a wedding and reception. The house itself is registered as a national trust site which means one has to ‘register’ to shoot and hire the area out as a wedding venue. I suggest finding out more about it from the national trust website.

A wedding reception could happen in Peninsula Tea Room. I would safely guarantee this place for a reception venue judging by how busy it is every time we go out there.

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I’m sure most of you have seen the images from the shoot already but if you haven’t go over to the project page (for a selection) or to the shoot archive page (for all).

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