Khumbo says everyone needs Songy in their lives.

What was the photoshoot like?

"When you're getting photographed, you think it's going to be awkward, and how am I going to look... But you guys were amazing in the advice you were giving and making me feel really comfortable. I felt like there was no way I could get anything wrong."

It was so easy. And I could model.

"The biggest surprise was that I could model! You gave me the confidence to just be myself more without having to be someone else. I feel like I really embodied the person I am. And we went through the shots quickly, with so much variety. It was just very relaxing, very authentic, and I really enjoyed it."

With Songy's help, I got my brand established.

What I got from Songy was, I actually got my brand

"I knew needed to mix things up and do something fresh and more Me, but I had absolutely no idea where to start. I had a brand and a concept that wasn't really working for me or exciting for me. I saw other people in the online space getting amazing photos done, and I knew that was something I needed to do to up-level my brand and represent me in a professional and authentic way. But because I had never done anything like that before, even if I had the photos, I had no idea how to then take those photos and make my brand. But I found Songy online, loved her photos and the work that she was doing, so we set up a meeting and she really got a feel for my business and for what I wanted and what I wanted to create. Songy's photos, and the colours she used and the backdrops she brought in, actually formed the basis and the structure of my brand. So I didn't just come away with photos. I came away the brand of my business, Mind Over Muffin, which has been a game-changer in how my business and brand is perceived. It's a game-changer in how I feel about my brand and putting it out there. I actually feel excited about it when I look at it now and feel that it represents me. I wanted something fun, I wanted something light, I wanted something just easy and relatable for people and that is exactly what Songy helped me create."

I was very nervous about getting in front of a camera

"I had a lot of fear around that I don't know how to stand, I don't know to pose, I don't know how to look in photos, but Songy was there giving me such specific direction, and that feels really weird in front of the camera but when you look at the result you go oh that really really works. So I was really nervous about the shoot but Songy took care of everything. I had someone there doing my hair and makeup. I didn't have to think about anything. She even brought some outfits for me. The whole day went so smoothly and I actually really really enjoyed it. It was so much fun. You are in good hands with Songy."

Sue-Anne says Songy is the Bomb.

On my website I just had selfies and things like that

"I didn't have any photos of myself that really truly represented me. I Googled for people who could help me with that and when I landed on Songy's page, I immediately knew she was the girl for me. It was an AH-HA moment. And I wanted that for my future clients when they come to my website. I want people to go to my website and get me, to get my difference, my uniqueness, straight away. And boy, has Songy captured it! She is the bomb!"

Songy’s coaching sessions were so powerful

"What I didn't know was that Songy was going to give me so much more through this process than just photos. We had a number of coaching sessions, which gave me clarity about my mission and opened up a space for me to be in tune with my brand story and my brand message. It's helped me improve my website copy and present a better and more authentic me in the way I engage with my audience online, in my Facebook live sessions, and everything else I do on social media. Now my website looks amazing! Songy, I just want to thank you for the care, the courage, the curiosity, and the creativity that you've brought to our working relationship. You've been brilliant and you truly are the bomb :)"

Katie talks about Songy's commitment

Brilliant. Absolutely mind-blowing

"And humbling, seeing the commitment that Songy and her team have toward creating our masterpieces and our businesses. That support was phenomenal and I loved every minute of it. Before the shoot there was a level of uncertainty but I think through the process today I got to experience me, I got to see me in a different light. I got to see that I can do this and that having these women in my life will help me do it. So that was the transformation – that I can."

To those who hesitate

"My advice is to take the leap of faith. Why sit back and wait? Because at the end of the day, Songy and her team will have your back. These women will help you tell your story, they will transform your life, they will uplift you, and isn't that what we're all here to do?"

Fiona says it was self-affirming and lots of fun!

What were you hoping for?

"I wanted photographs that would be professional, which I could use for LinkedIn, marketing and personal branding. I wanted to use the process to work out my brand and my future direction, so it's been really useful. Part of the process was completing Songy's workbook. The questions made me reflect on myself, where I am at the moment, and where I want to be. It was very affirming in terms of my self-beliefs and the goals I had many years ago, and helped me understand that my core values and the things that make me who I am haven't changed."

It’s been a lot easier and a lot more fun than I expected

"The whole process of taking photographs has been like a fun morning out. I think you can use it as a positive experience in terms of your branding, how you see yourself, and how you want others to see you in a professional context. It's been really fun."

Vicky says working with Songy is a phenomenal experience.

I’m not photogenic

"I thought I'm not photogenic and I really won't enjoy the process of getting photographed. But from the first time I met Songy she made me feel really comfortable, really open, and I think her focus on making sure you're feeling right and that you're really in tune with yourself, your vision, your message, and why you're in business – how all of that then translated in the photoshoot was just phenomenal. I could not have been happier with the results."

For anyone thinking of working with Songy, just do it

"I knew I had to be the face of my business and that didn't appeal to me all that much – I was quite nervous to put myself out there, a little bit shy. Songy helped so much because she is an amazing guide, and phenomenal in her own skills, and adds so much more than I ever even imagined. She helped me and my business grow enormously and my confidence grow enormously. Working with Songy is a phenomenal experience and she'll guide you every step of the way to make sure you get the exact representation you need to help your business grow."

Louise says images are going to make her brand go Boom

A Personal Brand Strategist

"I just had an amazing photoshoot with Personal Brand Strategist Songy Knox! Oh my gosh, if you need good photos to bring you and your brand to life, this is your gal right here!"

Images that are going to make my brand go Boom

"I'm an author and I need images to convey my brand, which is funky but professional, so I need to look both accessible and professional, and Songy was the gal that did it! Thank you for creating images that are going to make my brand go Boom."