Taking photos of an 11 month old

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As a photographer I do a lot of what I call ‘random’ things. One of them is just striking up a conversation with strangers. It is easier when the stranger happens to have a baby with him/her because babies are always a good conversation starter. I might start talking to the baby as if the parents aren’t there. Then I would extend my conversation to the parent(s). This happens when I spot beauty. It is my spontaneous reaction to things and people when I have a strong urge to photograph them.

This is exactly what happened with Tom – an 11 months old boy whom I met at Sherbet Cafe in Maylands. When I saw him I knew that I wanted to see him through my lens that very instant. I grabbed the phone number off his mother and a few days later I was at Tom’s place shooting away.

I need to be very quick with kids that age and onwards. They don’t know that they have to stop for the camera. It’s my job to make him smile and to capture his best look – the one most representative of his personality.  It is impossible to do it alone. Tom’s parents were fantastic in getting him to make interesting facial expressions by making all kinds of silly sounds. That is more than half the fun when taking photos of little kids.

My job as a photographer, albeit hard, is handsomely rewarded when I get comments like:

You made my boy look like a very handsome young man!

What his parents didn’t know (they know now) is that I saw that handsome man when I first spotted him.  That’s something important to always remember I suppose. A photographer’s job isn’t always about how well she can operate camera gear. It’s more about seeing what others don’t see.

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