Tactical Hell vs Fundamentals

You would have come across many articles and posts with titles such as:

3 steps to achieving this
5 key trends for that
7 sins to avoid for blah

I must admit I have created several posts titled that way, too.

There is a neurological and scientific reason for marketers using those titles. Roughly seven is about the maximum number of things we can hold in our head at any given time. In many ways, these marketing messages and articles are provided in order to help us.

But. And this is a big but. We are inundated with so many of those messages, that we live in what I would like to call tactical hell.

Experts can quickly blurt out 3 easy steps to achieve results, which they may have worked on for years to master. But as the saying goes, there are no free lunches.

Put your hands up please, although I cannot see you, if you have considered and then been overwhelmed by the sheer number of options for email marketing providers, funnels (not the kitchen variety), websites builders, and of course photographers.


It is the word of the month for me as I have heard it uttered so many times from my conversations with people. When they ask me about which marketing tools to choose, where to use them and when, I cut to the chase by asking the following three simple questions and, in most cases, I don’t even get to the last question because often we hear the penny drop, so to speak, pretty darn quickly.

– Specifically, what do you offer? (or precisely what is your product/course/offering going to be?)

– Who is it for? (or do you have a community that is longing to sign up for what you have to offer)

– What is your promise? (How are you remembered by your clients now and how would you like to be remembered by them?)

If you are not crystal clear about each of these areas, how can you possibly know which tools will help you achieve your goals?

What if I invite you to focus on those three questions first. Yes, it sounds simple.

Yet, the questions are not simple to answer. I’ll be honest with you. I spent months working those out.

I coach my clients through that process – and it could take weeks.

No free lunches. But these are marketing fundamentals. Consider all the tactics in the world to your heart’s content but not until you can answer those questions.

Guess what? Once you know and build your business from those foundational questions, all the tactics in the world become almost meaningless. They are merely tools. Not something to be overwhelmed about.



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