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By June 18, 2013blog, Journal

It’s been two days since I pressed the shutter of my camera. I am counting days (of not shooting feeling rather guilty). If I were to call myself a photographer I should be shooting every single day. It’s not that I’ve been procrastinating.  It is the tragic reality of having to update my websites. In fact, updating the design for Style Discovery, the folio section of my photography site and setting up this blog took days. It all had to happen sooner rather than later.

It’s not just for websites that consume my time – and any other photog in the business will admit – it’s our work that seems to require more time on the computer than out there shooting.

After not shooting for days the other week, I went out to the garden where I am hardly seen, I noticed new palm fronds with morning dews. That was different. Something that I don’t usually see. I grabbed my camera with a macro lens and went back out in my dressing gown. The result of that crazy shooting session in the morning is shown in this post.

After finding the palm fronds I’ve been busy looking around in my hood in case I’ve been missing out on shooting opportunities right under my nose. However, I’m not that inspired lately. Spending all day at the computer can do that to me I realise. I should shoot more. As simple as that. I’m thinking of getting rugged up and going out into the city for some inspiration that cannot be found in my suburbia this week.




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