Sheree Dornan

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What is your name?

Sheree Dornan

What do you do for a living?

Design textiles and garments and run Love in Tokyo retail store.

How did you get to that for a living?

I also paint and wanted to apply my artwork to fabrics it all started from there 12 -13 years ago.

If you weren’t doing that what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t in the creative industries I’ve often thought in another life I would like to be a research scientist discovering cures for cancer and other diseases.

What is your favourite colour?

I have many favourites

What do you like to eat?

I could live on seafood

What is your favourite movie?

Again more than one! Amelie is always a delight to watch.

What are the website(s) you visit most often?


What did you do in the past four weeks?

Worked a lot ! both with Love in Tokyo and preparing artwork for an upcoming exhibition

What are you doing next four weeks?

As above and a short trip travelling for work

If I were a ‘Genie’ what would you ask of me?

To solve all the world’s problems with a click of your fingers.

I first met Sheree back in 2009 when I walked into her store Love in Tokyo while strolling down High Street in Fremantle.

Her STYLEAID contribution Dolly Paper Dress was the instigator for this long overdue catch up with Sheree.  The dress is made out of paper (Tyvek) which has been digitally printed with Sheree’s artwork. The silk circles are laser cut by ExpressLink in Perth. She showed me a tiny antique glass with a pinch of sequins telling me how they inspired all this and more. It’s simply NUTS and I love it. I could tell that she had more than a little bit of fun making this dress. I hope it does well in the silent auction at STYLEAID GO GO.

I also had glimpses (okay, let’s say a little more than just that as I screamed with joy and excitement looking at prints from her painting) of her work for the ART PLAY GROUND show in August. What I heard there in her studio was:

 ‘Exactly what I wanted to do!’

I heard this more than once or twice from several other people. What stops us from doing exactly what we want to do? Some of us are doing it. I think I am doing it. How about you?

I thought about that a lot on my way home from Fremantle – creatively charged up.  There’s a lot more to come from Sheree’s creative world. I’d say watch this space as I’d be unabashedly stalking her around.        

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