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Photo shoot with Songy

Who this is not for:

If you think you look pretty good… I’m not for you. If you think “Oh my god, I look so hot in front of a mirror,” perhaps you can do your own marketing photos.

Who this is for:

My speciality lies in photographing women who think they’re not photogenic.

Why professional photography sometimes doesn’t work


– If you just put some makeup on
– If you dress up a bit
– If you’re extra lucky and have a stylist
– Or even if you just bring something you feel good in
– then bang, bang, bang, the photos will come out great

But clients have come to me, having done that, and told me the photos didn’t work because:

– It’s important to ask yourself the fundamental question of what your personal values are

When I used to work at a marketing agency, we’d ask new clients to describe their brand values, and it was easy for them, “My brand values are x, y, z.”

But if you flip that to you as a business woman, you as an entrepreneur, you as someone going solo with your own business, people try to separate their business and their personal values

– You have to remember that who you are and what you do are basically your business.

This is the secret to creating marketing and branding photos that work

These are tips for those who might not get to work with me in person, because they’re overseas or in eastern states, and for those who are thinking of launching a business and are looking at other businesses to copy or emulate their marketing — that might work.

But the best way is to look inwards:

– What kind of person are you like?
– What kind of books do you read?
– what kind of movies, music, food do you like?

These are the kinds of questions I ask my clients when they come into my studio for the first time. I get to know them, and that is the beginning of creating phenomenal branding photos that resonate with your target audience

Looking at your personal values and amplifying them in your photos will make your marketing photos really valuable.

Looking at your personal values and amplifying them will attract the kind of clients you want!

Because if your values and your clients values align, that’s when magic happens!

That’s when I saw magic happening with my own work and my client’s work.

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