Aesthetic workout with Perth Upmarket

By March 8, 2013blog, Journal

Weather has been glorious. Rays of sunshine streaming down and reminded us that summer is still here to stay. I used to do pop-up markets every time they sprung up. A few years on, things became mundane as I got to see the same stall owners each time. I skipped a few and last Sunday there I was with my friends, we ventured out to UWA for the first Upmarket of the year at Winthrop Hall. 

It was huge. Probably twice as big as the last one I visited. And there was a variety of things on offer – all hand crafted food, accessories, clothes and beautiful things – for excited shoppers and hungry kids.

It was packed with people although someone commented that they expected a lot more people to come out if it wasn’t for the long weekend.

We didn’t buy anything but I remembered how love going to markets like this. In the next Upmarket we might pick up something. Or we might not. It is good to go out to see beautiful things. It is actually important to go out to markets like this  for people like me who need regular aesthetic workouts. As my friend mentioned, ‘aesthetic fitness’ is a requirement for some people. Beautiful things make me happy. It is different from ownership -e.g. impulse purchase of a fancy bag – most times getting surrounded by beautiful things is enough to keep me happy without having to own any of them.

I’m certain many of you reading this are in the same boat. If you were lying around with your ipad I suggest putting that little gadget away for a bit and get out for a aesthetic workout. If you find me there come and say hi. I might make a nice photo snap for you just the way I do for my friends.

Did you miss out the market last Sunday? Have a look at these images then.

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