Not many engaged couples seem to do an engagement photo shoot prior to their wedding. This photo shoot at Tranby House in Maylands was dramatic. We weren’t sure how the weather would hold up.

On our way there, it was pouring with rain. It then eased in time for our photo shoot. After wrapping up the session while having coffee I noticed an amazing spot under a huge tree. I had to grab my camera again ordering the couple to get back out under the tree to pose. It was then a few drops of rain started dropping again.  As I pressed shutter the last time, it started raining very hard.

It was amazing that we were able to come back with these gorgeous images on a rainy winter’s day without getting wet. It was very clever of me to bring a pair of boots for the bride-to-be as well. Ballet flats would not have worked that well on a day like this for setting the scene and matching with the location.

Photo shoots like this for a couple doesn’t need any special occasion such as engagement or wedding to my mind.  A location photo shoot would be a lovely present for any couple for any occasion. How about a romantic photo shoot as a birthday present for someone you love?