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In between bookings and self assigned photo sessions, I’ve been out for photowalks. Photowalk isn’t something I invented. It’s nothing grand either. It’s just taking some shots while walking. There are several reasons why a photowalk is good for you:

  1. staying indoors on a sunny day makes you sad and cold
  2. making images while walking gives you a purpose
  3. it’s a great way to re-spark creativity
  4. a smart phone (preferably an iPhone 5 – which I don’t have – for its portability and a great optic) is all you need.

As you can see, I’ve been feeling sad and cold lately. That magically went away after I went out for a sunset time walk in Northbridge. It’s easy to dismiss that where we live, what we do and what we have around us is mundane and lack certain exotic beauty.  What I often forget myself is that what I consider mundane is someone else’s excitement.

Photowalk gives me the perspective of someone else just like being a tourist in your own city if you will. I’m quite chuffed with what I captured in just couple of spots in Northbridge in not more than an hour.

Images from photowalks can also serve the community. Let me explain. When I searched for Beaufort street’s public arts I couldn’t really find anything that shows all the goodies City of Vincent put in place so I went out and recorded what I can see in one photo set. 

I’m wondering where to walk next when I finally get over this dreadful cold.

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