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We buy experiences. Some experiences are cheap – walking around a block in my neighbourhood. Some are expensive – buying a bottle of water at a fancy restaurant.


I’m here at the airport waiting for someone. The flight, despite the prediction of an early arrival (don’t know what I was thinking), is delayed (of course, it was) so I went into the airport bookshop. I didn’t realise how much I enjoy airport bookshops. There’s the pleasant background music, the soft yet firm voice through the PA system, and the ever so gentle vibration coming up through my feet when a jet is just about to become airborne – they all amplify the hereness of the experience.

I picked up three books and went to the check-out counter, which was minded by a lady who didn’t seem to have any interest whatsoever in books. I threw in what I thought was a witty comment. ‘I came to the airport to buy books’. Then she replied, ‘And it is the most expensive place to buy them, too’.

She must have thought I was an idiot. It was an expensive experience for which I was happy to pay more than a little extra. It’s not like I’d ask for tap water if I was at La Tour D’Argent.

Wouldn’t you want to pay for the experience and for those who provide it?

So the books I bought are:

  1. Cycle Chic from Tames & Hudson by – We, Aussies, could never be this cool wearing our mandatory bike helmets. One can only dream.
  2. Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson – Be inspired by the feast of colors from the stylish city
  3. The Change book by two smart swiss men – They ask pointy questions and answer them in layman’s terms with pictures.  Then they make you think more. Wanna know exactly how the GFC happened?  Or Why the most sensible solutions don’t always deliver? Read this book and you’ll find out. 
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