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Michelle Turner

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After having been qualified as a master NLP practitioner, Michelle decided to launch her coaching business in New Zealand. This is when she wisely decided to get her branding right by hiring a designer for her visual brand identity and hiring me to get her photos representing who she is and what her work is about. 

Like most of us, she did say she had a little fear of being visible at the beginning. Now, however, she is actively promoting her service with the website showing her as a respected expert in her field. 


Personal brand coaching & photography


Michelle Turner, Master NLP Practioner & Coach

What We Did

Personal branding primer coaching & Location photo shoot in Perth.

Overcoming the fear of being visible

Michelle feels confident now 

that photos represent her and her work.

I would not have worn any of those colours if it wasn’t for Songy’s direction. Now I have personal branding established.

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