Personal Branding Insights – Keywords

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Feel free to watch this short riff as a video footage (caption included).

One of the biggest insights that my clients gain is knowing how others perceive them – by asking a simple question:

“How would you describe me in three keywords?”

I teach clients to use Google Forms to gather this information anonymously, so you’ll know what people say about you, but you won’t know who. It works out better that way :)

One of the questions raised during a client coaching session I had recently was this:

“The people who know me really well didn’t really give me words that go to the heart of who I really am”.

She did not use Google Forms. That’s why she had this comment to share with me at the time.

This was not surprising to me and here’s how I explained the situation to her.

We need just enough information about someone to make a snap judgement.
Knowing someone really well could mean there is too much unnecessary information (clouding the judgement) to really see her.

In other words, don’t look to your friends and family to gain insights into your personal branding.
I would consider the following list of people as a good starting point:

  • Your mentor(s)
  • Clients for whom you delivered awesome projects
  • Acquaintances with whom you had some interesting somewhat in-depth conversations
  • Colleagues in other areas of your company with whom you get along.

Anyone else you could think of?

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