I was the house photographer for the show last night at the PS Art Space. It was a great show with a decent lighting setup and electrifying atmosphere.

Huge hugs and congrats go to the team at The Studio (Jacqui Brown). Hopefully, you would enjoy these photos especially if you’ve missed out on the show last night (as it was another sellout event).

For the first time, I’m selling these images (online) on this website as well so if you’d like non-watermarked images just use the ‘buy now’ button. :)


  • Poppy Lissiman
  • Sea Dreamers
  • Alexandra King
  • KINN
  • One Fell Swoop
  • Wild Horses
  • Monster Alphabet
  • Empire Rose

Like these photos?

Non-watermarked high resolution images can be purchased.

Write to studio@songyknox.com.au.

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