Now vs Later

By November 7, 2019 November 13th, 2019 No Comments

When we’re about to say “Now”, there is tension. That tension is released with our forward motion of beginning something.

The clients I currently work with (there are several at differing stages) all have said yes to Now.

Every time we say yes to Now, it means we experience progress. We’re inching ever closer each time to creating & changing something and someone. Progress, even though it may seem small, creates momentum. It’s an engine that takes us closer to our goal.

When we hesitate and say Later, there is assurance. We know that feeling very well. The familiar feeling of certainty. Nothing changes.

Later is indefinite. When we say Later we don’t fail. We also don’t achieve. It’s an inertia that keeps us stuck. I know this place really well. I was there once.

But for people like us, the place where we say Now is far better because

We get better at communicating ideas
We get better at changing people for the better
We get to create something
We get to make a change.

Is it time for you to say Now?

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