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I never thought what I have is necessarily a creative streak. What do I have? It took a little while to identify and nail it down to articulate. Basically, what I have is aesthetic fitness as one of friends coined it. At my day job, I work with designers to make their work shine, as in, more visually pleasing. I was once told that I am good at arranging photographic work for other people. I know what looks good vs what doesn’t. I never thought of ┬áthat as being creative.

As I was growing up, everybody told me I was creative. Consequently, I spent all my childhood years in regimented (Korean style) art classes – what a bore that was for 10 years! After completing my BA in Fine Arts, I realised I was not artistically creative. I would rather fix broken design than create things from ground up. I would rather get the best of given situation than create something widely ‘creative’ from scratch.

That is the reason why I never saw myself as being creative. That thinking, as I now obviously understand as a flawed notion, had to come to a rather abrupt end when I was having lunch with Free Agent Bec.

It was the very simple truth she revealed which is the definition of ‘being creative’ can vary depending on the context. She made me realise that I am creative in a different sense. In my defence, I have been going by the definition from dictionaries which generally runs along the lines of ‘having original ideas’.

As Sheree Dornan also suggested in her comment in Facebook, I must have some creativity in me. That clearly helps me with making images.  Beautiful images that are not forced but created naturally. This is what I would want to continue doing and that I hope is what people are after when asking me to work with them.


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