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It’s that time of the year again – End of Financial Year (EOFY) – when every business is tempted to spend money on things. It makes me giggle to call my little venture as a business. However, when it comes to the taxation department, I’m like any other small businesses.

I’ve sold quite a few images from runway shows and have had enough wedding, event, commercial bookings this year to cover my enormous expense from the Melbourne Fashion Festival trip (yes, I paid it all for myself.. crazy! someone calling out in the virtual space) I took in March. According to my man who manages our finance, I don’t have any ‘left’ spend on EOFY deals.

It is not like that’s going to stop me from buying a glass (AKA lens). Ah yes, it’s the endless gear acquisition which is another big reason why photographers can never be rich. They are darn expensive.

I’m a realist and a practical person so instead of going for the broke, buying the most expensive one, I went for a more affordable version of the same focal length – 85mm F1.8.

The expensive one goes for around $1,800. The one I bought is less than half the price with a quality filter thrown in.

Why another glass? It’s like having a collection of shoes for ladies. Why another pair? Because I can. Not really the same with photography work.

It’s about the control I could have. Controlling the background – how much of blurred background I want from images. It’s about portability. If I was shooting portrait I don’t want to lug around a heavy mid-zoom lens – my trusty and ancient 28-70mm which weighs a ton.  It’s also about how much shutter speed I could get with a very little ambient light. F1.4, the more expensive one, would have been better for that but I couldn’t see myself spending another $1,200 for the little extra speed.

There you have it – another glass joining my ever growing lens family. Now, I’ll have to decide which lenses to take to the upcoming events e.g. Boobalicious and Perth Racing’s Belmont Oaks Ladies Day Luncheon.  If you know more about events I’ll be attending, head over to the more well known blog Style Discovery. 

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