L’Oreal Paris Runway 03 by Grazia

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It’s been a marathon of reviewing 11 runway shows and sorting out images to upload from the Fashion Festival since I returned from Melbourne. No matter how much I love fashion, by the time I finished loading the very last set of images online I had definitely had enough of looking at the computer screen. But then, I did realise there are eight other shows to cover so I decided, for runway 3, I’d pick my favs and not much else.

The premise of the festival was ‘shop the runway’. Often people interchange fashion festivals with fashion weeks. However, they are very different things. Festivals are for consumers and fashion weeks are more for industry people. Therefore, the shop the runway concept is quite a good one if executed well. If I was shopping the runway I’d pick the following designs from L’Oreal Paris Runway 03.


Alice McCall


Ginger & Smart




Life with Bird


Michael Lo Sordo


Michael Lo Sordo


Michael Lo Sordo







YB J’aime by Yeojin Bae


How do you think the shop the runway concept worked?

What was really cool about LMFF was that the official website had runway photos for each designer  basically the next morning after the show. That was the key for the ‘shop the runway’ concept to work. Girls, myself included, like things to be there ‘right now’ or even ‘wanted them yesterday’, so the speed with which things are uploaded is crucial. Designers have a ‘shop the runway’ button in the website and an image carousel from their runway show has clickable ‘hot spots’ linking to corresponding product pages.

Shop the Runway Gallery

Shop the Runway Gallery

It would have worked really well if girls could figure out how to use it. Yes, it kinda worked  for me but it could have been better. This would be a brilliant thing for Perth Fashion Festival if PFF could find a website developer who can provide an affordable technical solution with a better user experience than the one we saw at LMFF.  Ah well, I should stop right there. As a project manager working for a web development company I have a lot to say on this subject but this is not the right forum. Definitely not.

I’ll continue to talk about the festival so you’ll hear more about shop the runway anyway. Until then, ciao.

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