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Look Feel Be’s Greatest Shave

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There must be something sacred about one’s mane and facial hair. Perhaps, that could be why growing and removing hair is used to garner people’s attention for charitable causes. Isn’t that strange that one major treatment for cancer makes the patient to lose hair – eyebrows and all?

When I first saw an advert for the World’s Greatest Shave, all I thought was how unsavoury the ad was – did capture my attention though. It didn’t even register that it was for the Leukaemia Foundation. Who would have thought I would be donating my time and services for the cause. Interesting how things turn out. I won’t be making fun of that advert again.

I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details on how I came to meet Jarryd at Tryst for Hair and Caroline from Look Feel Be. All I can say is there is nothing more entertaining than watching two very passionate and big hearted people meeting and getting to know each other.


My job for the day was to capture the behind the scenes and the outcome of Caroline’s Greatest Shave to raise a fund for Leukaemia Foundation. Stage 1 involved getting a rather drastic haircut (whopping number 2 all around) and colour (silver grey all around the sides and pink at the top). Of course, stage 2 is about shaving it all off.


When you meet Caroline you feel abundant energy. That would be what Jarryd must have felt. When my guy saw photos of Jarryd, the first thing he said was ‘he looks like a really nice guy‘. That pretty much sums it up.


Only few minutes after the short introduction, the floor was covered with Caroline’s blond hair. Getting hair dyed with lighter colours meant that Jarryd had to bleach her hair. I must say bleaching is not my favourite thing. She had to sit still for what must have felt like an eternity while the urge to scratch all around the head simply had to be ignored.


The next step was to apply the bubble gum coloured runny pink and silvery grey dye all around the number 2 shaved part of the hair. Then the fun began. Such pink colours are used typically at the tip of hair not near the scalp. You can imagine how hard it must have been to keep the pink off the bottom half the hair. After much laugher (due to runny ‘pink jam’) and constant wiping we were getting very close to the final result after nearly 2 hours.

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The result? We all though the pink worked well for her. Well, I’ll let you be the judge.


I hope the images of before and after were fun for everyone. If you were suitably entertained I urge to generously donate for the research, care and support for leukaemia sufferers.

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This was, I guess, a bit like a teaser as the ‘main act’ is yet to come. Caroline Johnston from Look Feel Be will be holding a shaving ceremony for all Maylands commuters to watch at 6pm on 13 March. Excited? I certainly am. Come and join us and chip in some gold coins to watch our local hero with a pink mane shaving it all off.

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