Limiting Stories

By August 27, 2018 August 29th, 2018 No Comments

There are stories we tell ourselves
consciously and unconsciously.

I only discovered this particular one recently
Hidden deep in my psyche was
work incredibly hard
only then do I deserve to have xyz.

Where is that story from?
My father pushed a handcart through the streets to
deliver heavy charcoal blocks in sub-zero temperatures
in order to pay for my piano lessons and
an expensive piano back in the 80s
I was worth all of my father’s hard work.

I learned from my parents and teachers
all through childhood, school, uni
if you don’t work incredibly hard
you don’t deserve to get what you want

The idea about what you deserve is
inextricably mingled with what you are worth

You can work hard
You can work smart
Or both
Neither have anything to do with self worth or
deserving or not deserving.

I’ve freed myself from
limiting stories
by sharing.

What is your story that’s not helping you?

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