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I started Style Discovery back in 2008 and that was just a couple of months before the start of the Perth Fashion Festival. Back then, I was the only blogger standing in the media pit against pretty much an all male press corp. It took quite a bit of convincing to get the PR company to include me in the media list. Things have changed since then. There are now lots of style/fashion bloggers out there taking up front-row positions at the festival.

Interestingly, I took a slightly different turn in the past few years after finding out what I’m really about. It took a lot of soul searching to realise that my voice is better heard via the images I capture with my camera rather than by talking about what I’m wearing on a daily basis.

Fast forward five years, after photographing a countless number of fashion shows, and I’m now being called a photographer. I don’t particularly care what I am being called. What matters to me the most is that people started taking notice and they are happy with my photographic work. Granted, I still have a lot to learn but that’s the fun part. I’m currently continuing to hone my skills and aiming to do more of taking photos. Perhaps, there may come a day when my photog work takes over my other work, thereby moving away from the 9 to 5. That would be something. And something I think would suit me.

In some circles, I am known as somebody totally different (PM, BA, Strategist, UX Consultant just to name a few) and I enjoy and value that role very much. Who knows how things will pan out and what other interesting turns I’ll take. Until then, you’ll find me any where I’m called upon to take photos.

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