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It seems all of the days signifying the New Year have come and gone – New Year’s Day, Australia Day, Chinese New Year and Valentines Day. The latter for me means just another day early in the year. Not one of those ‘rush out and buy a bunch of  over priced roses’ days.

This would be the time one would look in the mirror and reflect upon the fact that New Year’s resolutions are already out the window and is back into one’s old habits. I’m not here to judge anyone but myself. For more than one reason (I’m totally prepared to blame everything and everyone else but myself at this point but I know deep down it’s all me), I have not been able to follow all those that I started doing in January. Hey! but it’s only February so it’s not too late, is it? Indeed, it is not too late.

My new thing – or a resolution if you want to call it – has been ‘less’. It’s about owning, buying, consuming, stocking, bottling (emotional kind) less.  It’s not less for the sake of it. It’s more about deliberate attempts not to over indulge. When I have to buy I would buy right not buy cheap. If I have to consume  I’d consume deliberately not mindlessly. With that in mind, I started purging my possessions one by one. At first, it was liberating. Then it became tiring. It’s a decision making time every time;  chuck or keep? Give away or keep? Little by little I reduced my possessions. I realised how much emotional value I place on material things. That makes it more tiring in the end. I’m far from done but I’m not planning on only owning 200 items like the way well known minimalists do. The aim is to live an uncluttered life with more space in my head and in my living environment. It is going to be a long process. I still have boxes of junks collected over the years. I’ll tell you , if you have a partner it’s even more difficult. The things I want to chuck my guy would protest to keep….but I am determined to continue.

Are you driving everywhere? Drive less. Petrol is super expensive. We started cycling. Taking hundreds of photos and posting them all expecting everyone to go through? Take less photos and show less (or show the best) – Speak for yourself, Songy. I know. I’m guilty of putting way too many images everywhere. After I processed the photos from the Australia Day I took a long time (hence posting weeks later) and decided that I would really like to just share these four images instead of all that I took.

Are you buying another dress of the season? Just wear one from last year. Are you buying another hot pair of heels? Just wear what you have. The less rule applies to everything. I highly recommend ‘LESS’ if you haven’t tried it. If you feel guilty about throwing things away then give those away to friends, family and colleagues. Start from today and let me know how you feel later. You would be amazed how much difference it makes when you make small changes. As we always say less is more.



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