Indigo blue colour fashion guide

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Today would have been a perfect sunny day to pull out some summer clothes (although it’s still winter where we are) as the temperature went all the way up to 27 degree C. That is practically a summer weather in some parts of the world!

Blue is not definitely not my colour but my friend Simone looks great with blue. Probably some of you out there would definitely prefer blue to brown (my colour). Don’t get too excited with this summer attire though as it will soon get colder towards next week. We may get some more rain then.

Here’s some story on the colour indigo blue.

Indigo – or deep blue – is a rich, exceedingly popular colour which looks beautiful in almost any setting. Outfits with blue elements create a sense of calm and quiet – perfect for a more introverted couple or natural backdrops. Blue can be dressed up or down to fit your tastes, and can be used either as a main colour or accenting in your outfits.

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