How easy is it to find something you want?

By July 10, 2008 No Comments

Junk mails arrive in the mailbox and I flip through to see what’s on special at Target. “Hmmm it seems balloon dresses are in fashion”. Come on girls… balloon dresses make you look just like a balloon. I personally don’t understand what the attraction is. They only work for skinny models and someone like Jennifer Lopez. She doesn’t look too bad here but I’ve seen her looking a lot better still with a more tailored dress showing off her curves.

I must say it’s not easy finding basic items. I don’t know if it was ever easy as I never felt the desperate need to find, say, A-line skirts until I found out that I really look great in them after reading and studying style books. I read Trinny and Susannah’s book What You Wear Can Change Your Life in Paris. Now I don’t “study” as such but there were times when I had to cus I couldn’t figure out why I looked just crap… in those designer outfits. Before my study I could have easily gone to Target and got myself a balloon dress.

Anyhow, I basically gave up searching for A-line skirts. I am just getting by with a skirt from Cue which I bought 4 years ago and I subsequently got it copied by Pakistani tailor in Abu Dhabi twice. They are all different in length, colour and texture of the fabric. They are not even strictly A-line . The original one from Cue had a funky cut in the front but it has a more or less A shape.

There are so many basic things that I would like to buy but I cannot find in regular shops. So should I then hunt around on the Internet? Yes, I have done so already in vein. I have to say though buying clothes online is somewhat difficult as I cannot really try them on. That is not to say that it’s impossible to find a good fit! (I wouldn’t dare say – perfect though) There should really be a guide about ‘how to shop online for a good fit!’

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