How do you capture that?

By November 19, 2018 No Comments


That’s the highest value one of my my clients holds dear in her values hierarchy.
She lamented having forgiveness at the top of her list and quizzed me as to how I could capture that in her photos.

I said I wouldn’t.

Some personal values are easily transferable to a visual representation and others are not.

The point of identifying personal values in my personal brand strategy sessions with my clients is this. Reconciling how we really are and how we think we are. We are continually influenced on a subconscious level by the values we hold dear. When we become cognisant of our highest values and embody them more consciously, we become more of who we are.

Branding photos are created and used for marketing purposes. If branding and marketing is about keeping your promises to your clients consistently, it only makes sense to be coherent in the representation of who you are.

That is why aligning yourself with your value system is so important. So yes, I wouldn’t visually portray forgiveness in a marketing photo of my client. However, when she shows up as someone fully embracing her values, I can feel and capture her energy as a congruent whole human. I promise you that then I can absolutely capture her. No problem.

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