He is intentional – How Soccer Team Manager Established his Brand

By July 11, 2018 August 29th, 2018 Branding, Daily

With empathy, integrity and determination, the manager who missed a penalty at Euro 96 is giving England its chance of glory.

John Crace from the Guardian.


Gareth Southgate is the manager for England’s soccer team.

I don’t follow soccer or the World Cup for that matter.
I’ve been following the man for a while though.

He is far younger than previous managers.
He gets paid millions less than those before him.
He got the job after a stringent interview process without any other contenders.

He started appearing on the field wearing a three-piece suit.
Not a usual look for a sport that is not known for being dapper / intelligent / serious.

I’d like to think that he didn’t causally decide to wear that particular attire.

It started with intention which shows up in:

  • the things he says during interviews.

Measured, thoughtful and deliberate messages empowering his team and inspiring the fans

  • the things he does.

Consoling members of the opposite team after winning a crucial match, thereby showing empathy and grace 

No surprise then to see how the media love to talk about him.
He is almost the antithesis of what is happening in the political landscape worldwide.

When he put that three-piece suit on he was determined. He meant business. Business to make a change.

He is in a league of his own. A very strong brand.

So much so that suit sales have gone up.

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