Green Colour Fashion Guide

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Here’s me thinking, perhaps, spring is peaking his head although it’s still cold at night and my toes suffer from chilblain of some sort (could you believe it!?). At least, we are having a bit of break from rain this week. I’ve been loading the washing machine (ran out of my undies!) non-stop today.

Green is a perfect colour for me today. I’m a big fan of slightly ‘cooler’ green such as turquoise. See if you have anything in green in your wardrobe. Wear some green!

Here is a little story on Green. Enjoy.

Nothing says fresh and new quite like the colour green! Green comes in a wide array of shades, ranging from a yellowish, pea-like hue all the way to turquoise! Green looks beautiful combined with earth tones, and therefore makes a wonderful choice for outdoor shoots and backdrops of wood and stone. Even small accents of green, such as jewellery, scarves, or shoes, look wonderful with whites and tans.

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