Glamour photography – your ultimate makeover experience

Let us show you how others see you.

Glamour photography session is for you. You don’t need any special occasion as it is a special occasion in itself. Whether you’re single, married, beginning a new chapter, ending an old one – the images we create together will boost your confidence and improve your self-image. If you’re booking to give images as a gift, remember that the photo shoot experience is just as much a gift to yourself, and that is priceless!

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Glamour Photography offered by Songy Knox in Perth

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All about your glamour photography session

What to expect and how to prepare for your session

Let us transform you into a thing of pure beauty

You’re completely gorgeous. Yes, you. Don’t believe us? We’ll show you. Gorgeous & Sexy is an attitude. It’s an angle – a part of who you are. Your job is to be yourself. Our job is to bring out the best in you. With professional styling, the right lighting, and a few hours just the two of us together, we will transform you into a thing of pure beauty. Songy Knox has taken photos and transformed more than sixty women. It’s one of her favourite forms of photography – producing gorgeous, evocative imagery of beautiful women just like you.

What makes glamour makeover session a unique experience begins far before we snap the shutter for the first time. The best images come from an experienced photographer working with a happy, comfortable model – a combination that can take time to develop!

step1 First Meeting

We love to meet and find out who you are and who you’d love to become during your session. We encourage you to use this time for questions and ideas.

step2 Book your session

We work out a date that is suitable for you and the team. We’ll also introduce our shooting wardrobe which will complement your own outfits and accessories for your glamour photography session.

step3 The glamorous affair

Our makeover team will be with us on-location to transform you into a supermodel and provide touch-ups throughout the session. After hair, makeup, and a few sips of your favourite drink – we’ll get right down to it. Just you, Songy, and the camera. It’ll be awesome.

step4 The End Result

After your photoshoot, your glamour photos are processed and retouched. We’ll present the photos to you either in person via our Reveal wall or via online viewing gallery.

Glamour Makeover Team

Glamour photo magic begins with a natural, beautiful woman. Come just as you are – and we’ll take it from here. Our professional team is a group of magicians. Our team of experts know exactly how to craft a perfect, custom look just for you. Bring along a magazine or favourite celebrity photo for reference, or leave it up to her to bring out what she feels would make you look exceptional. There is no doubt that our hair and makeup artist is a key reason so many of our clients are astonished and thrilled at the end result of their sessions. The beauty you never thought possible is possible.


What to wear for your glamour photo shoot

What to wear depends entirely on you – what kind of look you envision for yourself, what genre or era you’re trying to evoke, and most importantly, what makes you feel most comfortable and gorgeous! You might want a full costume dress up, or to go all glamour with ball gowns or to bare it all. Any way you like it, we’ll work with you to create the photographs of your dreams. For your session:

  • Options – bring up to five different outfits. We’ll it mix and match yours with our shooting wardrobe items.
  • Lingerie with interest – lacey negligees, colourful corsets, ruffles, and tulle fabrics look amazing on camera.
  • Texture and colours – colourful accessories, jewellery, and lingerie can really make your photos shine.
  • Accessories – statement rings, a vintage parasol, a sparkly necklace, your favourite sunglasses, or a brightly coloured scarf, accessories can add personality and interest to your photos.
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About Songy Knox Photography

Why should you consider Songy Knox for your glamour portrait photos

Songy Knox has had a love of art ever since she was a very small child. Her first memories are of painting and drawing. She won plenty of art awards, went to an ‘arts’ high school and did Fine Arts at university. Songy’s photography is an extension of her life-long love of artistic beauty. Although she’s had a camera in her hands since she was a kid, her professional photography began with fashion runway shoots. With a strong body of work in fashion, Songy ventured into photographing women who were not fashion models. This is where she found her purpose – working with women from all walks of life and showing that every woman is a beautiful work of art.

She takes photos of women with love and gentleness. These qualities show in the facial expression everyone that she photographed. Clients often comment on how comfortable they feel in front of camera with Songy despite their prior worry of being photographed.

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