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By May 22, 2015blog

I read somewhere or heard from someone that when I feel stuck I should try something different. So that’s what I did. I haven’t been very shooting actively. I blame my cute puppy for that inactivity ┬ábut I know that I must own my schedule!

My joy in taking photos of women has always been in dressing & styling. Undressing then taking photos has never been a thing for me. I didn’t think about it until lately that I don’t need pretty garments to make women look beautiful in photos.

What if I could do just do that with shadows? Painting with shadows would just be effective hiding multitude of things and highlight the curves that I love seeing in women’s body. Jacqui, in these images, is very tiny so I would love to try this film noir style nude with curvier ladies soon.

_DSC3786-Edit _DSC3777-Edit

Would love to try again with people with crazy tattoos as well. Oh possibilities and opportunities! Who is feeling stuck now?

_DSC3782-Edit _DSC3774-Edit

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