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Modelling Portfolio Package wasn’t something that I was planning on offering at the start of my photography business. People may think that there is something very glamorous when fashion and model are mentioned together although the reality is quite far from it. For that and more, I wasn’t particularly keen on doing any (so called) ‘test shoots’ with models. Why would I want to when we could have more fun transforming regular, every day women?.

Therefore, My main gig has always been ‘making every day women beautiful’. And my team and I could really make anyone to look and feel like a model.

Then earlier this year, we got to help Nikita who wanted to update her modelling portfolio. When she first contacted me for this, I was a little hesitant. Interestingly, she really wanted to have her folio updated with the style of images that I’ve been producing for my portrait clients. That was really it. The whole team got involved and we did a shoot. Nikita was very pleased with the result and she subsequently (with her new folio) signed with an agency.

I’m good at directing and posing women (as every client who did a shoot with me told me) and that goes a long way when creating a compelling portfolio for modelling. With that in mind, I decided to create a page dedicated to modelling portfolio. It was created some time ago but I have been tinkering here and there for some time. Today, I think I’m ready to tell everyone that we are doing this.


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