Celebrate your special moments with us

Why would you book your family portrait sessions? Perhaps because all your life stages deserve celebration.

  • New addition to the family whether it’s babies or pets
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Any other special occasions

Your family photo shoot can happen at your local park, at your home or in our studio in Bayswater. Have a look at our family photo shoot gallery images and see which style takes your fancy.

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Past Family Portrait Photo Shoots

Casual style in studio

1st Birthday Cash Smash

Outdoor family photo shoot

Classic style studio shoot

Casual to Classic Family Portrait Photography

Record and pass on your family legacy with professional portrait photos :
The process and what to expect

Location consideration

First consider two options – outdoor or studio or your home. You will need to consider what the occasion is, who will be in the shoot and seasonal weather conditions. This does not mean you can’t have one over the other just because of limitations. It simply means we’ll prepare appropriately considering all those you’re thinking of so it is good to have a chat. That said, photographing outdoors in the rain might not be the best idea for everyone involved!

What to wear

Wear what you want! That’s typically what I would tell clients. However, there are certain types of outfits which come out better when photographed. Heavily patterned and graphic printed dresses and shirts tend to make your photograph too busy and can be distracting. If you tend to avoid wearing bright coloured clothes I suggest trying out those bold colours for your photos. You will be pleasantly surprised how gorgeous they are in photos. If we are going outdoors it is best to wear smart casual or casual outfits. If you are coming to the studio I suggest getting two sets of outfits – casual and formal – for everyone.

Photo shoot

Your photo shoot with Songy is a very casual affair. Clients finish their session with smiles on their faces. Whether we are running/lounging around at a local park or sitting at an ornate chair in the studio you’ll be relaxed and having fun. That’s how all these images you see in this website are created. The shoot itself takes between 1 to 2 hours.

We process photos, retouch, print and reveal them in the studio so that everyone can enjoy seeing the result of the shoot. If it is not convenient for you to attend the ‘reveal’ we could arrange a pickup and delivery service.


Your photographs are expertly processed, retouched and printed. We then archival mount and present your photos in a folio box. These make a great keepsake as they are made with materials of museum quality. You’ll also receive corresponding digital images in a disc or in a drive.

About Songy Knox Photography

Why should you consider Songy Knox for your family portrait photos

Songy Knox has had a love of art ever since she was a very small child. Her first memories are of painting and drawing. She won plenty of art awards, went to an ‘arts’ high school and did Fine Arts at university. Songy’s photography is an extension of her life-long love of artistic beauty. Although she’s had a camera in her hands since she was a kid, her professional photography began with fashion runway shoots. With a strong body of work in fashion, Songy ventured into photographing women who were not fashion models. This is where she found her purpose – working with women from all walks of life and showing that every woman is a beautiful work of art.

She takes photos of people with love and gentleness. These qualities show in the facial expression everyone that she photographed. Clients often comment on how comfortable they feel in front of camera with Songy despite their prior worry of being photographed. No matter what type of family photos you would like to create with Songy, she will ensure that everyone feels and looks at their best.

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