Facebook Live pt2 – 3 Simple Steps to great branding photo shoot

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This video talks about three key steps I take to create photo shoot with a client who takes out our Premium Package.

These three steps are:

  • Identify client’s keywords – her archetype and/or values
  • Identify her happy place – suitable location for photo shoot
  • Outfit matches – colours, her personality, keywords are considered in choosing her outfit for the photo shoot.

Typically, these are all considered for all my clients. The difference is that for Premium package clients, these are recorded and shared with the team and becomes a plan for the photo shoot day.


After my first Facebook Live video, this is what was left as a comment in Facebook against my first video.

After watching first hand, the true ✨Magic✨ happens when you are chatting and stumble upon the motivator in a woman, that spark that drives them. It’s amazing to me just how often these women just don’t know it’s there! Your super power is finding the light hidden inside. Then the amazing photos flow.


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