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By April 22, 2013blog, Journal

What a lovely day it was on Saturday! What were you doing? Me? I was at the races. Why? One thing (someone sent interior shooting I did ) led to another (to someone at Perth Racing) I got to go out to Ascot Races to shoot the Black and White Party event at the Deck. 

I’ve done many event shootings before where people knew who I was therefore knowing where they could find their images. It’s not so much they actually knew me. It’s simply that they knew where they could find my images.

At the races, however, no one knew who I was. Some curious folks asked me who I was shooting for which was a fair question. In that instance, I was shooting for the house as in for the Perth Racing’s event manager.

Very strange thing was there were people who requested to be photographed without asking or knowing where they could get to see their photos.  It was just a case of ‘oh! there’s a person with a fancy camera so I want my photos taken’. It is a peculiar behaviour especially when they don’t know where their images could end up. It wasn’t just one or two people asking..rather there were a lot of people so I was really busy taking pictures of strangers for two hours. Is there some sort of a unspoken rule that I’m not aware of? Damn it.. I didn’t get the ‘memo’ you know. Well, I’m not complaining. I just want to understand people’s behaviour. Do I have to somehow blame Facebook for this strange phenomenon?

Perhaps, I’m too cautious. I know the danger of internet and the importance of privacy too well. Would you feel comfortable if I ask to take photos of you at an event? Or would you even approach me to take photos of you?  It would be good to know.. for that I’m opening the comment section for this post.. wonder how many of you will even bother to comment.

Anyhoo… I was also amazed by the number of spunky men and women present at the races. Seriously, it seems like the race track is where I should go for good-looking-people-spotting. Have a look at these beautiful people!

The way things are working out I could be at the races more often… so watch this space for more hats, gorgeous men and women and horses.

By the way, as you may have guessed I have less and less to say about fashion and more and more to say about my life as a photog. For that reason, I feel it would be only logical to switch my home. Rather than writing photog stuff in Style Discovery I decided to move over to Futzfield until I have some interesting fashion stuff to talk about. I’m currently re-building the Futzfield website and don’t know when I’ll be done with it. Until then you’re more than welcome to just hang about here. When my new ‘home’ is ready I’ll be sure to let you know. Ciao and kisses.

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