Embodying your values

By November 7, 2018 No Comments

Earlier this week, I was having one of my personal brand strategy Zoom calls with a lovely client. While we were going through her workbook she mentioned that she wasn’t thrilled about her top value, which came out of the personal values test.

I noted that down and we went through the rest of the session. That feeling of not being thrilled needed to be unpacked, and I had an idea about what would be the key to do that.

I asked her, What does it mean to you to have that value at the top of the list?

To explain about the personal values test, while there’s no good or bad values, having one at the top of your list simply means it is more important to you than the others.

Understanding what it means… That’s the self actualisation process. You embody your value. That makes you who you are. In other words, knowing what it means lets you understand the gift you bring to the world. The very value you add to your community.

When you have that understanding, your confidence grows because embodiment of your value is important to you.

So what happened to my client? She was able to fully embrace and understand what it meant for her. She shared this with her friends. What happened afterwards was a wonder to behold.

She described it as deep and meaningful connection and a feeling of wholeness.

That’s one powerful way to understand who you are and establish a strong personal brand.

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