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Amongst all of the thank-you notes and emails I receive after each photo shoot, the following from my client Kim touched me the most. She sums up reasons why I do portrait photography for a living. Kim’s email reads (copied verbatim with her permission):

Hi Songy,

Getting in front of the camera was definitely far out of my comfort zone… but after seeing the photos, I’m so glad that I pushed myself. It was a new experience and has challenged how I see myself.

I’ve attached the photos that I LOVED! Getting prints of these ones will be the perfect souvenir of the experience. I feel happy when I look at these photos, and feel upbeat that this version of me exists (even if only temporary).

I also appreciate all the editing work you put in, especially with my arms!

Once again, thank you so much for everything!! Your patience with me, for making sure I was comfortable and creating a safe judgment free environment, your ability to see and capture a better side of me… The list goes on!


So I dare say every women should own beautiful photos of herself.

Songy Knox

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