Elle Campbell’s Solace – 2015 Central Institute Graduate of Fashion & Textile

By December 14, 2015Graduate shows

When I did a post on this year’s Graduate Showcase from Central, I didn’t have runways photos ready to share with you.

I finally finished with the runway images and I can now show you how wonderful Elle Campbell’s Solace collection was at the show.

One thing led to another, I managed to get in touch with the designer, Elle. Good news is that she has a lot of exciting works/events lined up with her collection after the show. Bad news (for me personally) is that I cannot have any of her designs because she is obligated not to release until all of the aforementioned activities are completed.

It’s good to know that a lot of other people enjoyed her work as much as I did and she is getting the recognition she deserves.  The textile lecturer at Central, Kristie Barnett, must be proud of Elle’s work as well. Solace is really about bold textile design. Wouldn’t you agree?

After all this, I sincerely hope to see more of her work beyond the graduate collection. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Songy Knox

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