Photographs for business websites and documentation

We make compelling images in your office or out on location.

Flip out your latest iPhone and take some photos of your staff members. They look great? Then use them for your business marketing materials. They don’t look that flashy? Then you perhaps need my professional assistance.

Broadly, we take corporate portraits and headshots in two different ways :

  • mobile studio setup in your office – we set up a mini studio where artificial lights are used to simulate a studio environment
  • on location – We’ll be out on location and use a mix of natural and artificial light. We could be outdoor or indoors (other than your office)

Professional headshots are necessary for your website, marketing materials, tender documents and proposals!

Typically where you intent to use photos dictate what type of photos you would need. In this page, I’ll show you examples and case studies of corporate headshots/profile image photography.


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Past Corporate Photography Photo Shoots

Most common corporate headshot/profile photography assignments are for websites.

Silas Street Physio

Business Type – Physiotherapy
Shooting Info – Interior setup and staff members
Usage – Website

Chandler Macleod

Business Type – Corporation
Shooting Info – fresh natural style portrait
Usage – Corporate Blog (author profile)

Sirona Capital

Business type – Investment Management
Shooting info – Formal corporate headshots
Usage – Website and Business Documentation

When a simple background isn’t going to cut it.

You may want less than traditional headshots for your business

Studio style – plain background – photos have their use.  I find more and more clients opt for natural background. I could be photographing you in front of a window to show surrounding environments or simply take you outside.

Narelle's corporate style profile photo taken in Northbridge. An example of corporate headshot taken outdoors in Perth.

Example of corporate headshot taken in a meeting room with the Perth cityscape as a background.

Construction staff profile photograph taken on site in West Leederville Perth

Studio style corporate headshots

Traditional Headshots with plain background

I often pack up the studio gear and visit clients’ office/meeting rooms to set up a studio to take corporate headshots. You’ll use them for websites, linkedIn profile and business proposals.

Studio style corporate headshot for an architect in perth

business headshot for a media company in Perth - photographed using mobile studio lighting.

Corporate headshot taken on location simulating a mini studio using mobile studio lighting in West Leederville Perth.

How will you use corporate headshots?

The answer to that question determines many things

Some examples:
If your branding requires natural style images it is likely that we would plan a photo shoot to take place outdoors. We’ll then design a shoot to take place at a location that is best suited for your business. If however, you’re looking a traditional corporate style images to use in official documentation we’ll stick to studio style headshots.

Corporate headshot with deep etched white background to be used for advertising material design.

White background (deep-etched)

  • shot for advertising campaign
  • used in a layout with text and other images
Consultant corporate style photo taken in Alex hotel in Northbridge, Perth.

On location outdoor

  • consultant client
  • works with large corporations
  • also works with individual coaching clients
Construction company's staff photograph taken on location in a building site in West Leederville, Perth.

On location – construction site

  • shot for a building company’s website
  • on location shooting in a building site.

Advice on corporate profile & headshot photography

Some useful information when you need your staff members photographed by a professional or when you want to do it yourself.


If you’re after polished and professional photographs for your staff members and for your website, consider the following:

  • It is sometimes difficult to set aside even half an hour for a photoshoot for busy staff. However, 30 minute is a minimum amount time required for each person.
  • Professional makeup is not usually required but it’s always useful to have everyone (especially female staff members) have a quick touch up make-up and hair. (e.g. Silas Street physiotherapists all had 10 minute makeup/hair styling before the shoot).
  • Male subjects are also check for their hair (stray hair mainly) and facial skin condition. If too oily, powder is applied or oil removing paper will be used on facial skin.
  • Be specific on how you are likely to use your photos. That determines how we design the photo shoot especially the location and look & feel.


There’s nothing stopping you from having a go yourself. Here’s a list of things you could look out for:

  • Unlike a selfie when taking photos of other people you wouldn’t want to hold the camera up too high. You don’t want to create a distinctive ‘selfie’ look for corporate images.
  • If using natural light make sure that there’s something white or reflective bouncing off on the opposite side of the light source. Your photos will look better balanced.
  • Avoid too much reflection on glasses people are wearing. Usually getting them to look opposite direction to the light source removes harsh reflection on lenses.
  • One way to quickly improve your images is to fix white balance. More often than not, photos taken by non-pros look mediocre simply because the white balance is ‘off’. How do you correct the white balance? The easiest thing that I could suggest (not knowing what level of photographic knowledge you may have) is to shoot with Auto White Balance (WB) first and shoot again with a different setting (shadow, cloudy, sunny etc) and see if any of the other settings give you a better result.  WB could be changed/fixed after the photos are taken in varying degrees. Refer to your photo management/editing program for how that’s done.
  • Be sure to take photos both in horizontal and vertical formats. This will give you flexibility for cropping options.

About Songy Knox Photography

Why should you consider Songy Knox for your corporate photos

Songy Knox has had a love of art ever since she was a very small child. Her first memories are of painting and drawing. She won plenty of art awards, went to an ‘arts’ high school and did Fine Arts at university. Songy’s photography is an extension of her life-long love of artistic beauty. Although she’s had a camera in her hands since she was a kid, her professional photography began with fashion runway shoots and other related events for many years.

She takes photos of people with love and gentleness. These qualities show in the facial expression everyone that she photographed. Clients often comment on how comfortable they feel in front of camera with Songy despite their prior worry of being photographed. No matter what type of family photos you would like to create with Songy, she will ensure that everyone feels and looks at their best.

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