Conversation with Scott Perry

A unscripted, casual yet deeply meaningful conversation took place some time ago on the Creative On Purpose broadcast with Scott Perry.

When I was initially asked to appear on that live broadcast, I had a 10 second discomfort (terror turned into bravery) before I replied ‘YES’.

I met Scott through The Marketing Seminar where he is one of the esteemed coaches and I’m now one of assistant coaches (aka The Remarkables).

In fact, the photograph that is used heavily in the marketing of my work was created precisely because of his urging back in May 2018. And then things started happening.

During the live conversation, we discuss briefly about that experience of me getting photographed despite the fact that I deeply feared (oh yeah at the time I did) getting photographed.

If you have a spare 30 minutes, I invite you to watch the broadcast. Here’s me hoping that my wise self turned up for the show because I really wasn’t letting my other emotions get in the way. In other words, you can see me in full honest mode!


P.S. If you enjoyed the conversation, you may enjoy Scott’s regular updates in Creative on Purpose.





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