Branding Packages

Flexible brand building options to take your business to the next level.

Flexible brand building options to take your business to the next level.​

What are my options?


Each package contains a certain number of modules. To find out more about each module click here.
You can work with me anywhere you are (in the world) for your brand building

Fab Start+

A pack of 8 coaching sessions to nail your brand message for your ideal audience and create a brand to match the messaging and positioning.

You can work with me anywhere you are (in the world).

Photos +

A pre-shoot consultation combined with our signature branding shoot with the entire team.

This module is only available in Western Australia.


Fab Start+ Coaching Series combined with Photos+


The complete Brand Build Mastery - Start to the launch of your (new) Brand.

You can work with me anywhere you are (in the world). We'll simply exclude the Photo shoot module from the overall package price.

What do they all mean?

Brand Build Mastery

Brand Building Modules

In the crowded market place, you cannot afford to blend in just like everyone else. Brand Build Mastery program was developed from Songy’s own experience of ‘Standing Out’ in  the overcrowded photography market and helping other businesswomen to do the same.
Brand Build Mastery helps you build your brand step-by-step:  just an idea to launching your business.
Even if you already have a business, if you need to comprehensively rebuild your brand, Songy’s brand building program is perfect for you.
The program is broken down into modules. That means it is easy to design a package perfect for your brand building needs.

1. (Re) discover YOU & Your Hero

  • Personality Profiling
  • Unblock what’s stopping you
  • Your audience & empathy mapping process
  • Your positioning

2. Brand Story

  • Elements of Storytelling
  • Brand message building
  • Your brand-story for your audience

3. Brand Lab

  • Your visual brand Kit Building
  • Your Personal Colours
  • Your Brand Colours
  • Setting up your brand identity across multiple channels

4. Branding Shoot

  • Brand Assessment (via Personal Branding Workbook)
  • Location Selection
  • Shoot sequence design
  • Fashion styling
  • Professional makeup/hair styling
  • Multiple outfit changes

5. Trust Builder

  • Selfie training – Photo confidence
  • Video confidence – how to film yourself
  • Social Media content strategy
  • Social Media post caption training

6. Be Magnetic

  • Authentic social presence
  • Your magnet
  • Anatomy of effective website
  • Remarkable content design

7. Launch Sequence

  • Guide to the best web platform for your brand
  • Putting all together into an branded website
  • Instagram feed design
  • Your social media branding assets
  • Building audience/tribe

Ready to take action?

To up-level your business and a brand new start!

Frequently Asked Questions

Fabulous! All modules are delivered via online except for the Branding Shoot. This means you can be almost anywhere in the world to work with me. We'll simply take out the branding shoot cost from the overall package price for you. As a bonus, your Trust Builder module will contain Ultimate Guide to Branding Photos as part of the Photo Confidence training. 

You’re not alone in feeling this way. This is why I take the time to consult with you on your values, style, colours, outfits and overall branding goals. I walk you through the photoshoot step by step until you feel like a complete natural in front of the camera.

Every woman is photogenic even though you may not believe it.  My expertise is guiding you just how beautiful you are

I have dressed hundreds of women for their makeover and branding photography sessions. Dressing women is my passion and specialty. And because we do an initial branding consultation & styling session prior to the photo shoot, you’ll have the confidence that what you’re wearing is flattering for you and also matches your brand messaging.

During the styling sessions, clients learn their personal colours to determine the ideal colour palette to enhance their natural beauty.

Yes, we do. Credit card payments attract may attract 2% processing fee.


Yes, you’ll pay a deposit amount up front and the remaining amount will be billed via monthly credit card (CC) auto debit.


Absolutely not! What we create is all about honesty & trust. That said, if you want additional services, of course you’ll have to pay extra, but that would be all agreed up front.

No, a deposit books a creative space in both of our busy lives. But if you have a genuine problem (such as fire, flood or your pet needs to visit the VET) we can most likely reschedule.

I always do the work. It’s what I do. But should an emergency occur at my end, and I can’t do the work, you will absolutely get a full refund.

Your participation. Do that fully and honestly and I guarantee that, together, we will produce something extraordinary :)

Because you are central to the creative process and creating your images, there are no unpleasant surprises at the end. We make your images together, every step of the way. And when we’re all done and dusted, you’ll have photos that tell everyone who YOU are. The kind of photos people are going to LOVE.

Ready to take action?

To up-level your business and a brand new start!

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