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Branding – “New” Definition

What is branding? People often think it’s how your logo looks and how it makes people feel and how others talk about you. That seems to be the overriding definition. We understand all that.

And it’s easy to talk about other brands and how they did their ‘branding’. When it comes to our own. Not so easy.

I’d like to propose a slightly different way to look at branding. Branding is about making a promise and keeping it consistently to a specific group of people who care about what you do. In other words, not a promise for everyone and not a promise to those who have no interest in who you are or what you do.

Keeping promises? We don’t take this lightly, do we?

We need to constantly ask ourselves, how well do I keep my promises? It can be challenging. It takes discipline. You’d probably already know how hard it can be sometimes to keep promises whether big or small.

Watch the video above to find out one of the ways I employ to keep my promise. :)

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