Branding & Marketing

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Is it possible to talk about branding and marketing as separate, or mutually exclusive, entities?
I always explain the branding work I do with clients in the context of marketing their great work, their mission, and the business that matters to them and those they seek to serve.
Branding only makes sense when you have something to market, which is part of the change you want to make.

As startup business owners or solopreneurs, we all want to set our branding correctly before we start marketing our work.

Once you have your branding established, your work doesn’t market itself. Your branding doesn’t do the marketing for you.

You use your brand and market your work right alongside it. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Each needs the other and each benefit from the other.

Once you have your branding built for the work you do, you need to market it so that you can also establish your brand in the minds of others.

After all, marketing is very much about building a brand in the minds of others who are, or will be, your clients.


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